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Uh-Oh Oopsies

Reducing waste and taking positive action

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Uh-Oh Oopsies

We HATE waste, as an ethical small business it's important to us to reduce our impact and minimise waste.

But mistakes happen, so when we received a batch of "Uh-oh!" said Snuffles with print imperfections we knew we had to do something good with them!

And so, Uh-Oh Oopsies was created! 

Find out more about our Uh-Oh Oopsies campaigns and the Terms and Conditions below

Books for Good

Our books turned up with teeny red dots on some pages. Unfortunately this printing error had happened on every book... although they were minimal and do not impact the use of the books, we strive for the highest quality in everything we do, so we didn't want to see these in our normal range.

We will be giving away one copy of "Uh-oh!" said Snuffles to each school, hospital or other children's focused charitable or community based group.

We have 190 books to give away...

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Nominate now

Nominate on your choice of social media platform. 
While copies last...

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Nominations will be selected on a first come and suitability basis. We at A Thousand Yellow Daisies reserve the right to choose which nominations are accepted and which are not. On request we will provide our reason for any nomination not accepted however we reserve the right to refuse further comment on our decision. Our decision on all nominations is final. 

Nominations will be accepted up to the limit of the number of items agreed and set out in the campaign information. Any nominations submitted after the total number is completed or the campaign is closed will not be considered. 

We can only consider nominated recipients based in the UK due to postal restrictions.

We at A Thousand Yellow Daisies reserve the right to close the campaign for any reason at any time. 

We are not liable for any missing products or damage during delivery, or after delivery. 

All items will be delivered to the information as given via the nomination and/or most suitable postal address as found. Should we have queries regarding postal information we will privately contact the nominator to confirm. If details are not provided or can not be found we will not be able to accept the nomination.

Any questions please contact us via social media or

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