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Uh-Oh book Series 

Uh-Oh Book series is the educational, interactive and environmental children's book inspiring positive change. 


Out of a shell on a warm sunny day popped a teeny tiny sea turtle… 


Flo is ready to make her way to the water… But wait! What’s that we can see in the way of the sea? 


Our epic journey across the ocean leads us to new friends and exciting places, but with plastics and global warming affecting the ocean there are plenty of challenges along the way. 


Molly is lost, Flo’s home is a mess...and what’s all that white stuff covering the ocean floor? As we travel across the oceans helping Molly find her family can we help all our new friends save their homes?

This eco conscious, educational and interactive storybook will take you on a journey across the seas making new friends and learning about the impact of global warming under the water. 


Inspired by true events, the cautionary tale of “Uh-Oh!” Said Flo educates children in a fun and uplifting way focusing on the positive change that is possible when we take action. The activity pack provides even more education and interactive opportunities, encouraging action and change in simple ways. 

Following this debut book, the sequel "Uh-oh!" said Snuffles is due for release late 2021. 

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About the project

Uh-Oh Books is a collaboration between Illustrator Rachel Falber, of Hare Raising Designs, and author Sam Miles.

With a mission to educate children about environmental impact through interactive and fun learning, this series of stories will provide a fun and interactive books for children to learn about pollution, environmental damage and climate change. 

Inspired by real life stories of how our actions can create positive change, the interactive books will inspire children to take action to care for their environment.

With activity books and fun merchandise to further the fun, learning and education, Uh-Oh Books is dedicated to making a difference through interactive education.

About Hare Raising Designs

Rachel founded the company Hare Raising Designs in 2018, it proudly produces high quality, consciously sourced clothing, paper goods and accessories, which Rachel then sell to individuals and buyers within the museum and heritage sector.Using her  eco-friendly products and interactive children’s book series, Rachel intends to help educate people to be kind to nature and conserve our planet for future generations, which is very much at the heart of her business ethos.

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What people are saying:

"Just went up to check on Chiron and he had fallen asleep holding his Uh-Oh said Flo story book and activity book"

"I can vouch that the quality of these books is amazing, my little girl adores hers"

"Abe is loving this book! We've read it twice in an hour"

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