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Chocolate Island Series 

A wonderful world of biscuit bridges and yoghurt swamps, of apple crumble sharks and custards seas with an adventure around every corner.​


What do you do if you're an un-scary troll?

This is the story of Clarence Troll who lives with his dad, Cuthbert, under the biscuit bridge on Chocolate Island. 

Clarence is struggling to be a scary troll and has to go to the Scary Troll School. 

Will he learn to be scary and make his daddy proud, or...? 

The Chocolate Island Series debut book, Clarence the Un-Scary Troll, brings us into the world of the chocolate island as we meet new friends and overcome challenges

About the project

Chocolate Island is a concept created by Paul Kirk as he made up wonderful adventure stories over breakfast in bed with his grandchildren. 

The stories sparked fun and adventure for the family and quickly grew into a series of stories for Paul to bring to life on pen and paper. 

Paul met Sam, who'd just started to illustrate children's books, and together they brought the debut book Clarence the Un-Scary Troll to life. With a stack of picture books and chapter books ready to add to the series, Chocolate Island will continue to inspire adventure, self acceptance and moral lessons in families everywhere!  

What people are saying:

"Clarence Troll is a wonderful addition to stories written to enable children to become their own future rather than one envisaged for them.  Ably illustrated by Sam Miles, who charts Clarence's voyage at Troll School from disaster to success with delicacy, Paul Kirk has written a story that asks to be read again and again."

"This is a children's book which will bring a smile to your face. Clarence is a lovable-looking Troll - - at first a sad looking little troll wanting to please his daddy so much, but then finds a way to make his daddy proud of him bringing pleasure to many. 

My grandchildren loved the funny illustrations and Clemens. (four years old) wanted to know where Chocolate Island is and could we go there on holiday! Julius (aged nine) wondered if the river was in fact icing sugar for glazing the biscuits. He thought Clarence was clever finding a way to please his daddy without being scary."

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