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Our story

One small collaboration. One big dream


Our mission 

Here at A Thousand Yellow Daisies it's our mission to inspire, engage and educate young minds. We believe every child should develop a love for learning, a passion for reading, positive eco values and great morals to develop from kind kids into the next generation of passionate, driven and successful communities.

All of our books focus on underlying morals and lessons to be learnt through fun, inspiring and engaging storylines paired with beautiful illustrations.  

Let's make learning fun. Let's inspire passion for reading. 

Let's raise kind kids. 


A Thousand Yellow Daisies is made up of two women who both ran their own creative businesses. 

In 2018 they met for a coffee and when Rachel mentioned her dream of creating a children's book, Sam couldn't resit. Having always wanted to write a children's book, they collaborated on their first project; Uh-Oh Books. What started as just one book "Uh-oh!" said Flo, quickly became a large collaboration of a series of books, resources and merchandise. 

It was then that the two ladies realised they wanted to do more than create just one eco friendly story, so they partnered to create the indie publishing house;

A Thousand Yellow Daisies!

About us

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