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This downloadable pack will contains 50 activities! 


Draw a deep sea creature 

Seal facts 

Sea slug facts 

Can you spot - Plankton vs rubbish 

Activity challenges 

Creatures from the deep sea

Deep sea facts 

Deep sea crossword 

Draw your own seal 

Fish jellyfish maze 

Flo maze

How to make a sea slug craft 

How many jellyfish 

Jellyfish facts 
Make a jellyfish craft

Know your seals 

Know your whales 

Marine mammal names 

Matching maze

Ocean animal parts 

Ocean wordsearch 

Parts of a ray 

Plankton fact sheet 

Ray pattern drawing 

Ray textures and patterns 

Read, write and say Syngnathidae

Rubbish maze

Save our seas colouring 

Sea creature word search

Sea slug names 

Sea slug wordsearch 

Sea slug colouring sheet 

Seabird wordsearch 

Seahorse colouring 

Shell quiz

Shell colouring

Shell outline pattern drawing 

Shoreline scene - puppets or drawing 

Story writing 

Know you Syngnathidae 

Syngnathidae facts 

Turtle dot to dot 

Make your own turtle bookmark 

Types of plankton 

Types of shells

UK coastal facts 

Uk marine life 

Make your own whaleshark bookmark 

Whale facts 

Whaleshark dot to dot 

Which animals have shells

Plankton wordsearch

Ocean wordsearch x2 (easy version and hard version)

Colour and count - Jellyfish vs plastic bags


Under the Sea Themed MEGA Activity Pack: 50 Sheets!

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