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Get your copy of the sequel book in the Uh-Oh Books series! Following on from the success of the debut book "Uh-oh!" said Flo, this time we're exploring a little closer to home as we take a journey through British wildlife looking at how our modern lifestyles are impacting wildlife habitats. 



Out of the foliage, he emerges, ready to embark on a springtime adventure. 

But wait! What can we see in front of that tree?  


Our journey across the British countryside leads us to new friends and exciting places, but with diminishing habitats and less wildlife friendly spaces impacting the safety of our wild friends there are plenty of challenges along the way. 


Bryony can’t find any food for her colony, Snuffles has lost his home and what’s that digging and chopping across the road? As we search for a safe place for Snuffles to lay his head, can we help all our new friends find a safe home? 

This eco-friendly, educational and interactive storybook will take you on a journey across the countryside, making new friends and learning about the impact our modern lifestyles has on British wildlife. 

Inspired by true events, the fictional story of “Uh-oh!” said Snuffles educates children in a fun and uplifting way, focusing on the positive change that is possible when we take action. The supplemental activity book provides even more education and interactive opportunities, encouraging further fun learning and engagement in these vital eco topics.

"Uh-oh!" said Snuffles

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