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Order your paperback or hardback copy of “Uh-Oh!” Said Flo!


“Uh-Oh!” Said Flo is an eco-friendly, interactive children’s story about Flo the turtle and her challenges with pollution and climate change.


Suitable for ages 3-8, this storybook features full page beautiful illustrations to engage younger listeners while the storyline and new vocabulary will educate and inspire older readers. 




Out of a shell on a warm sunny day popped a teeny tiny sea turtle...Flo is ready to make her way to the water...
But wait! What can we see in the way of the sea?


Our epic journey across the ocean leads us to new friends and exciting places, but with plastics and global warming affecting the ocean there are plenty of challenges along the way.


Molly is lost, Flo’s home is a mess...and what’s all that white stuff covering the ocean floor? As we travel across oceans, helping Molly find her family, can we help all our new friends save their homes?


This eco-friendly, educational and interactive storybook will take you on a journey across the world making new friends and learning about the impact of global warming under the water.


Inspired by true events, the fictional story of “Uh-oh!” said Flo educates children in a fun and uplifting way focusing on the positive change that is possible when we take action. The supplemental activity book provides even more education and interactive opportunities, encouraging further fun learning and engagement in these vital eco topics.


"Uh-oh!" said Flo

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